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Want to Draw Cartoons Start With Pencil and Paper

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Electronic computers are incredible equipment. Today we cannot imagine our existence without computers. In fact, even in the realm of expressions and specialties, the computer has an undeniable influence. Today we see moving images that would not have been made without computers.

3D visualization and animation programming, editing and optimization programming are all changes in the field of film production. The same is true in the field of viewers. Gem plans, vehicle configuration, clothing plan In almost any area of human labor you can imagine, you will discover a profound impact of computer innovation.

Therefore, it is really believable that computers have a real influence on the specialty of the animation industry.

The pure animation industry is not just about the past before computers. Today we see family animation shows that are incredibly accurate in broadcasting a back massage. The time required to produce a full animated film has certainly decreased. That’s why we’ve discovered that many new channels appear only from animated shows. It was unimaginable to meet the needs of these channels hungry for materials but for computers.

However, I do not recommend the use of hobby computers. I know that if computers are used, the child can create an attraction that is good to overcome from the early starting point. In any case, this is not a sufficient reason to start with a computer.

First you need to use a pencil and paper to draw your pictures. This will help you personally get to know the business. In fact you will want to master the lines created by you much better when you get a little used to the whole cycle. A computer makes your job too simple from the start to serve you.

If you focus on the different work processes of the animation creation house, you will discover for 2D animation that the craftsman first makes each of his covers on paper and then filters them to stack them on a computer circuit. After that, computer programming is used to constantly changing and shading the program, and so on.

No matter if you look at the construction houses in 3D, you will also see a similar story there. They never used their computers to directly establish characters and weather. The first detailed shapes are prepared by the 2D craftsmen, then these shapes are scanned and assembled on computers, after which the 3D designer places the image on the back panel of the 3D modeler. Finally, slices are used in the 2D figure, where the 3D model is ready from the end.

So in the picture above, you can see that even artisans use initially hand-drawn characters to do those amazing things. This is because hand drawing gives you more adaptability and control, as computer programming gives you more elements.

If you intend to get into an original cartoon, tragically don’t ignore the pencil drawing. Anyway, if you’re just looking for a fun time and have a proper computer, you’ll start playing with a very useful program like a glitter or an artist.

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