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How to Draw a Jaguar

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The puma has a place with the genus Panthera, apparently like a jaguar, but much larger. Among all large cats, they rank third in size and strength. Their behavior is similar to that of tigers and they spread throughout Mexico to Mesoamerica and from Paraguay to Argentina. The puma is mainly a resident of the dense tropical jungle, however it can also be seen on the open ground. The cat prefers the area of water bodies. Cougars are among the main hunters who follow the style of tail and trap. The cat has incredibly hard jaws equipped to move deadly saliva even through the prey. With a little care and diligence, it becomes cool and simply to put the magic of this glorious beast into the material.

Steps to Drawing a Puma: Here’s a great guide to help you design a Jaguar:

• Reference: the website is the best source to get a reference image of a creature. You can take a variety of photos in a variety of situations: resting, taking a nap, eating, in real life, or whatever. You can also consult magazines, newspapers, books and so on.

• Basic scheme: The initial stage in the attraction process is the creation of an intelligent skeleton from basic mathematical forms. This helps to create a full and proportionate body in later stages. You can also follow this progress to enlarge or reduce the design, while at the same time following real developments with interest. Use handwritten drawings instead of correct shapes. Similarly draw precisely, to the point when it will be easier to remove the lines later. Small oval head section and solid central section. The ideal is to divide the middle zone into two oval parts. Mark the attachments and the tail as single lines and remember their positions and deviations.

• Add the body – Once the basic construction is set up, adding the width to the body should be less difficult. Like most original graphics, start with the title language by first improving the shapes. The head is the most delicate part of the animal. Upward balance, eye arrangement and nose position are critical factors in building a face. In the event that your creature appears in real life, teeth will almost certainly appear. Treat the size and extension of the jaw compared to the rest of the head. Similarly add a body to the attachments and at the end the tail clip.

• Color and hide. The puma usually has a spotted coat like that of a jaguar. Despite this, about 6% of the aggregates have a uniform dark body. It is much easier to draw or paint a darker Jaguar than its spotted companion. However there is no specific example associated with the spot variety, the task of shading or shading is a difficult task. Compensates for the orientation and effect of light, highlighting the modified body shape.

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