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I find two simultaneous design actions with my unique style of artisan creativity. Every time I make a new piece of art, I find that my hands make similar turns as I paint.

He was strongly encouraged by Polynesian, Samoan, and all manner of ancient crafts. I am not the main person on this planet who draws with both hands instantly, however I have found and recorded some attractive methods to facilitate interaction to photograph and guide others.

I usually don’t paint with both hands right away. The second simultaneous drawing is the next stage in the individual creative flow. If I never understood how to draw with one hand, you may never have helped me draw with both hands.

Drawing with two hands is very different than drawing with one hand. When you set a limit for the sheet giving one, it can be compared to having a character in the room. Defining the boundary with your hands is like having two letters in a room. These two people can either chat with each other or they can leave and “do whatever they want.”

I coined the term “Hand Mirroring” to represent when the hands identify two similar strokes or shapes at the same time. Imagine that one of your hands is drawing a circle and the other hand is drawing a circle. This is like two hands talking to each other. Anything makes a hand, differently. If one hand chooses the boundary, the other hand also defines the boundary. This is a simple idea for us to incline the mind. reflection = simulation.

Where they begin to intertwine is the point when we try to allow the hands to have their own character and each “do what they want to do.” Imagine that one of your hands is drawing a circle, while the other is drawing a square. This kind of drawing is called “independence of the hand” and “separation”. Regardless, the hands withdraw from the developments of others so that they can function independently of each other. Instead of investing, they operate according to conditions and reflect the developments of others.

The separation begins in the soul and ends on the paper. It is the psychological and physical way to isolate the hands from each other so that they function as individual craftsmen. Freedom is a demonstration of a binary painting. First we have to let go of our hands so that they can separate and act freely with each other.

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