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Drawing Basics – How to Draw Hands

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Hands can be quite expressive as contrasts once you figure out how to draw them well. Despite its complexity, it’s not hard to pull your hands out, but they don’t break into the basic states of balls and squares so they do so many different themes. Here’s how you can overcome this problem.

You have to do about a dozen reps before you start trading. Start by looking at the gloves instead of the hands. This is because you need to improve the image itself, however, as mentioned, the old ways of balls, cones and boxes don’t really work with your hands. So imagine a glove in which all things are considered.

The main thing that needs to be perfect for the hands is the palm. Notice how it is smallest close to the wrist and widest at the end where the fingers protrude. Then at this point think about the thumb. Makes a nice “V” shape obliquely away from your index finger if you hold your hand to the side. However, if you examine your hand with the fingertips pointing at you, you may see something interesting. The “line of being” in the palm that characterizes how the thumb moves. It’s so distinctive for some people that it seems like you can pull the thumb into a perfect part by cutting it right at the line of being. This information can help you shape the thumb part of the palm and can make your holding designs look much more reasonable.

Once you have the palm part, draw what the four fingers do. Most artisans “paint” or draw the fingers first as a long, square, curved shape. At the end of the day, all in one way. Then, at this point, they mark each finger. However, the fingers often match within this imaginary bounce box. It can relax like a fan and it can also spin like a propeller. Notice how all the fingers will generally curve similarly – you will never see one finger straight while the others are bent unless someone is pointing. This is decent information on how to communicate personality or feelings as well. In the event that a man’s hands are spread out on one level, at the same time for example the ring finger is visibly curved, it may suggest that he was embarrassed about something, or perhaps he had something to hide.

Start seeing people’s hands. Nail joints and shape are indispensable, and when you figure out how to “photograph” various types of nail shapes and finger joints with your pencil, you can’t show the age on your hands from anywhere.

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